Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Life has never been this bad...

Well, I decided its time to start maining about life.

It sucks - period.

Well back in Feburary, the company/individual I worked for unexpectedly announced that the company will cease trading and would be closing their offices that very same day!

Nothing too bad, but then that leaves me and 30 others instantly unemployed.

That isnt how it should be done, staff should have been given a reasonable amount of time to look for a new job before their employment was terminated.

Now almost 2 months on, bills and debts are mounting up and I have not been able to get a new job.

I decided last month I will start a Computer training course, (hopefully the last) which should leave me as a MSCE engineer, but this course starts later this month.

Lately I have had the chance to play Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 which I had never played properly.

I have finished 3, and must say it is a good game, but lacks replay factor (like having weapons etc left over from your first play).

2 is a bit of a mish mash, as far as the plot is concerned. Of course it is a major drag that you are not playing as Solid Snake for 95% of the game.

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