Saturday, April 08, 2006

Boot Camp voids your warranty! - a cool blend of and

If you read a few posts down there is someone who points out that in the terms of use for bootcamp any problems (hardware) arising from it will not be covered in warranty.

Thats gotta be a joke right? If I format my DELL PC and put windows 2003 on it that wont void my warranty, DELL will just ask me to use a recovery disc to restore it to XP - but I have never had that raised to me in my 2 years of working with 50 Dell PCs 15 Dell Laptops and 10 Dell Servers.

How strange that apple are dangling a poisonous cherry for all apple owners!

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Peng Wen said...

Hearing this on the internet someone actually phoned someone at apple and asked them is this was true. She thankfully said no it won't invallidate your warrenty.