Thursday, April 20, 2006


Day 2 of the lecturing and I am slowly starting to fall off the pace - due to boredom.

Well I did get some questions wrong so its not all bad, I took a mock 70 question exam and scored 675 points out of 1000, the pass mark is 800 so not too bad on my 1st attempt - these are A+ exam questions!

Went to lunch with Parv, did some HTML work with him to introduce his Flickr Bridge into his blog's sidebar.

Also beat him 3-2 in games of Pro evo 4 (WE8), and 3-0 in games of Tekken 5 (Law - me vs Xaiyou -him).

Watched M'Boro get beat by a very nice goal from S' Bucharest in the UEFA Cup S. Finals 1st Leg.

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