Saturday, April 29, 2006

The week in vision

Well of course me and Viveq aced the test this week, the tutor refused to give out the results though...
He keeps rambling on how the weaker students need to get their act together when the XP module starts (yea yea ok get on with it now).

I went out and bought 3 boxes of instant noodles (getting fed up of my sister's cooking to be honest), and bought a nice shiny new Nike football.

Parv is in the US of A, and last night was on MSN to tell me he has parted with $1999 dollars (yes that about 1299 in pounds) for a nice new shiny Macbook Pro 15".

He says its faster than my computer (ok then, but I didn't sure as hell have to pay 1299 pounds for this machine, OR the shuttle PC I made OR the Dell laptop I have NOR for repairing my old Toshiba laptop- in fact combine all the cost together I don't think I even come close to 1299?), not to mention my PC is a 512MB P4 3GHz on a very old motherboard, but at least I can play Pro Evolution Soccer 5 on it?

On that not I decided to take PES5 up again and started playing on-line again, I was formerly at around 100 points (class1 amateur), after 2 days of trying to get used to this crap I am now Class2 with 600 points.

I say this crap because when you play on-line its like you are using a dumbed down version of the game engine, and it stinks to be honest.
Wont stop me playing it though!

Zam (my cousin) is posting me PES manager and Winning Eleven 10, which he is loving every minute of - he says the animations have improved 10 fold.

I am on my own this weekend and am bored out of my brains. Watched Arsenal draw 0-0 with Villareal to reach the Champions League finals (1-0 on agg), joining Barcelona who had the same result. Missed another Middlesborough come back special at the Riverside to beat St. Bucharest 4-2 to go through 4-3 on agg to the UEFA cup final.

Man utd face off against Chelsea today. No one thinks United have a chance at Stanford Bridge, but to be honest this is the deciding factor in our title campaign this season. If we beat Chelsea we will remind them that no matter who they go out and buy this summer we will be there to challenge them for the title next season.
And to beat them at Stanford Bridge would be a major boost for United and United's Fans, it would only be a minor set back for Chelsea's millions and a crushed ego for Jose - the special one - moaning mornino.

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