Saturday, April 15, 2006

Im in Luck - Saturdays

Canon Europe Web Self-Service

My Canon Ixus 400 has started acting up more and more - there is a "cf card error" which is now not going away.

The card is fine - I tested it in my Ixus V3.

By chance I found this page on Canon's site - there seems to be something wrong with the communication with the Compact Flash Cards.

I had to cancel football today - since Daniel, Thomas and Courts are at a easter mass/vigil no one wants to turn up.

Rescheduled it for Monday instead (when the Sports centre is closed so we can use the Astro Pitch for free!).

Started playing with Yahoo Widgets - formally known as Komfonbulator or something. Kinda handy if you know what kind of widgets you would like to have.

Bought TaxCalc 2006 Lite - I will submit a self assement next year to try and reclaim the PAYE tax I have paid this year, which is a incomplete tax year.

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